Perfect Games Strike Thunderhead Lanes Three Days In A Row

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January 05, 1992|By Don Vitek | Don Vitek,Contributing sports writer

Small chains of two, three and four bowling centers are scattered across the nation -- often owned and operated by a single organization -- and usually are clustered together in a relatively small geographical area.

If you connect the dots between the three Thunderhead bowling centers, starting in Gettysburg, Pa., you'll have a gentle curve, south to Taneytown and east to Westminster, each only a few miles apart.

That, in itself, is not unusual.

But on consecutive days in mid-November, bowling lightning struck the Thunderhead centers; a rarity occurred that was a first for this area.

On Nov. 16 in Gettysburg, Bruce Day threw a 300 game.

The next day in Taneytown, Jose Lagunas bowled a 300 game.

And the following day in Westminster, Frank Wood rolled a 300 game.

A 300 game on consecutive days in each alley of the three-center chain is something for Ripley's.

Ready for more? None of the three bowlers ever had thrown a 300 game before in their careers.


Each of the three bowlers is from a different part of the world: Day's from Pennsylvania, Lagunas from MexicoCity and Wood from upper New York state.

Even more?

None of the bowlers has a high average; all carry modest averages: Day has a 170, Lagunas carries a 171 and Frank Wood maintains a 183.

And by the way, that 300 in Westminster was the first one ever thrown at that center.

So here's one for the books:

Three average bowlers, from three different backgrounds, throwing their first perfect games in the only three centers in the Thunderhead chain and doing it on consecutive days.

Don't even try to figure the odds.

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