Psychologists exam results

January 05, 1992

The State Board of Examiners of Psychologists has announced those who qualified for licensure as psychologists in Maryland as the result of passing the state examination that was given Oct. 18:

Lauren Abramson

Sand Bagoon

Amy Barr

Dawn Birk-Updyke

Jody Bleiberg

Susan Bookheimer

Scott Buehler

Catherine Busch

Donald Cassidy

Margarita Cereijido

Stephen Colyer

Keith Curry

Joyce Dampeer

Laurie Deardorff

Elaine Duffy

Joanne Duffy

Ellen Dye

Roger Fallot

Edward Feher

Jerome Feldstein

Susan Felzer

Diane Fisher

Karen Fragetta

Kelsey French

Patti Pearlman Friedman

William Garrison

Vicky Genia

Spencer Gibbins

John Giroux

Charles Golden

Susan Gordon

Nancy Grace

Jacqueline Graham

Lynn Grattan-Toben

Lynn Hammerling

Karen Hanscom

Glenn Hogan

Linda Huganir

Roxanne Hughes- Wheatland

Theodore Ines

Scott Jones

Andrea Karfgin

Patricia Komorous

Jeanette Kreiser

Janice Krupnick

Andrew Kumin

Wendy Law

Jack Leeb

Ethan Levine

Constance Locraft

Nada Mangialetti

Venus Masselam

Valerie Masten- McGilvray

Marie Minor

Kim Moss

Annette Naber-Morris

Barbara Nellis

Anne Newman

Eileen Newman

Gary Pasquinelli

Frank Pecukonis

Kevin Peterson

Craig Petrun

Pepper Phillips

Suzanne Pike

Thomas Pollack

Mark Sementilli

Susan Slyter

Larry Smyth

June Stapleton

Vicki Tepper

Mark Todd

Dorothy Toffolo

Steven Tulin

Sheldon Weinberg

Jill Weissberg- Benchell

Neil Weissman

Jennifer West

Patricia Wick

Bronwen Williams

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