From The Sun Jan. 5-11, 1842JAN. 5: Mr. Wyman, the...


January 05, 1992|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Jan. 5-11, 1842

JAN. 5: Mr. Wyman, the ventriloquist and necromancer, and Miss Wyman, the lady magician, are still at the Museum, delighting all who do themselves the pleasure of calling.

JAN. 6: President Tyler has two beautiful horses which he calls his "Two Vetoes."

From The Sun Jan. 5-11, 1892

JAN. 5: The Christmas vacation of Johns Hopkins University came to an end yesterday, and lectures and recitations will now continue until commemoration day.

JAN. 7: The tracks and conduit for the Gilmor Street Cable line of the traction company is being laid at the rate of 500 feet per day.

From The Sun Jan. 5-11, 1942

JAN. 8: A prediction that "it is very likely that Baltimore might be subjected to occasional nuisance raids by enemy bombers" was made yesterday by Albert Emil Davies, chairman of the London County Council.

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