Broadcasters cast few No. 1 votes

January 02, 1992

MIAMI -- After a season in which one commentator after another opined about who's No. 1, network broadcasters turned surprisingly silent about the issue yesterday.

In fact, if it wasn't for ABC's Bo Schembechler, and NBC's Paul Maguire, we wouldn't have heard any opinions from either network about whether Miami or Washington was more deserving. Schembechler strongly endorsed Washington; Maguire supported a split championship.

The other announcers weren't willing to make such pronouncements.

Dick Enberg? No comment.

Bill Walsh? He'll pass.

Keith Jackson? No opinion.

Bob Griese? Don't ask him.

Schembechler, though, supported Washington without hesitation: "I've never seen a defense quite as good as Washington's," Schembechler said.

That Miami hadn't played yet wasn't enough to stop him from casting an early vote for the Huskies.

Maguire, a studio analyst, said at the Orange Bowl halftime that there was "absolutely no way you can eliminate Washington from at least a share of the national title." Later, he said that Miami deserved a share and added, "If Miami hadn't had so many penalties, they would be approaching 50 points."

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