Society's Postcard Series Recaptures Old Odenton

January 02, 1992|By Peter Hermann | Peter Hermann,Staff writer

The price of a set of six postcards depicting historic buildings in Odenton was reported incorrectly Thursday. The package cost is $3 andcan be ordered from the Odenton Heritage Society at P.O. Box 282, Odenton, 21113.

Odenton's colorful past is now available in black and white.

As a means of raising money and promoting the community's past, the Odenton Heritage Society is selling postcards made from photographs of historic buildings.

A $6 package includes six postcards of three different buildings. Proceeds will go to the non-profit society, which hopes to raise enough money to buy a building for a museum.

Printing costs for all three cards were paid by local businesses.

"The object is to educate the community of its historic past," said Sally Shoemaker, president of the society. "This will get the information out in a different way."

The three photos, which came from theCatherine O'Mally family -- one of the original Odenton families -- show an old store and watering hole, a hotel that burned down more than half a century ago and the U.S. Naval Academy Junction railroad station.

Shoemaker said additional series are planned, including ones of famous Odenton families, old houses and historic churches.

"We don't know how frequently," Shoemaker said. "But we are beginning to get quite a collection of photographs."

One of the postcards shows the Naval Academy Junction, which served as the essential transferpoint for railroad travel from 1908 to 1935. The tower, located on what is now Piney Orchard Boulevard, is still being used.

Another postcard shows the old Silver's Store, which was located at the cornerof Morand and Odenton roads. It later served as a post office.

Jim's Hideaway Tavern sponsored the card that shows Silver's Store. Thetavern is located in a historic building that once housed Duke's, the local watering hole. "Of course, I never went into Duke's because as a child, that was a no-no," Shoemaker said.

The third card showsthe Murray Hotel, which offered sleeping quarters, dining, dancing, bowling, billiards and a general merchandise store. Located where Rieve's Store now stands, it was destroyed by fire Oct. 8, 1923.

Shoemaker said the society printed the cards on thick paper that have an antique feel.

"We wanted them to look as the old photographs did,"she said. "We selected a printing process that would give them that look."

Shoemaker said she does not know when additional postcards will be available. They will be offered to members of the improvementassociation and sold in local stores.

For more information, contact the heritage society at P.O. Box 282, Odenton, 21113.

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