Thursday a popular night for Fox


January 02, 1992|By Steve McKerrow

On The Weekend Watch:

A FOX FEST -- The Nielsen ratings for the November "sweeps" period showed that the upstart Fox network now has its greatest number of viewers on Thursday nights. Both "The Simpsons" (at 8 p.m., Channel 45) and "Beverly Hills, 90210" (at 9 p.m.) ranked in second place for their time slots (behind "The Cosby Show" and "Cheers," respectively). Why? Check out the Fox shows with repeat episodes of both tonight. In "The Simpsons," Homer goes into business to sell products designed for left-handers. And in "Beverly Hills," Brandon and Brenda (Jason Priestly and Shannen Doherty) have a visit from a handicapped cousin (Gordon Currie).

ON THE EDGE -- A new ABC special tonight (at 9, Channel 13) looks at some of the extreme ways people fight the apparent boredom of their existence. In "The Extreme Edge," we see people who parachute from buildings and bridges, climb sheer rock faces, ride modified skateboards down mountains and defuse bombs for a living.

SWAPPING SERIES -- On Friday night, the ABC series "Baby Talk" and "Perfect Strangers" will switch time periods. "Baby Talk" airs at 9 p.m. (Channel 13) and "Perfect Strangers" can be seen at 9:30. In the latter series, the satirical target is the great Henry Fonda film "Twelve Angry Men," as Balki and Larry (Bronson Pinchot and Mark Linn-Baker) get called to jury duty.

SWAPPING TALK -- A year ago, English interviewer David Frost launched his PBS series, "Talking With David Frost," with a visit with President and First Lady George and Barbara Bush. On Friday (9 p.m., Maryland Public Television), he observes the one-year anniversary the same way, with the presidential pair as guests.

THE MOVIE MARQUEE -- Careful listeners who see the current theatrical film "Hook" may catch a line in which star Robin Williams (as a grown-up Peter Pan) says, "seize the day." It's one of several irritating references to earlier Williams' movies, and in this case echoes the exhortation of his teacher character in "Dead Poet's Society," the CBS Friday movie (at 9 p.m., Channel 11). Also on Friday (at 8 p.m.), Channel 54 is screening "Montana," an interesting made-for-cable movie from last year in which Richard Crenna and Gena Rowlands are quarreling cattle ranchers in the modern American West. On Saturday (at 10 p.m.), Channel 54 is also screening the 1940 classic "Pride and Prejudice," with Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier. And viewers can see one of Baltimore's famous landmarks on the Cinemax premium cable service on Saturday. "On the Block," to be shown at 11:30 p.m., is a 1990 release by Baltimore filmmaker Steve Yeager, with native Howard Rollins in the cast of a story set against the city's infamous, dwindling strip of strip clubs.

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