'Foodies'resolve: Lunch Before 3, More Exercise, Less Fat

January 01, 1992|By Carleton Jones,

Facing the New Year with resolve is a piece of cake -- especially if you're a "foodie," and the cake is chocolate. Here's a smorgasbord of resolutions from food writers and others who put culinary concerns at the top of their 1992 agendas.


It happens round about New Year's, all years. Now that pasta has apparently been canonized as a dietetic OK, some worry is off the waistline. But I simply can't do anything about potatoes. No use swearing off. I love them. And in fact, they can be good for you. And they're about the only year-round vegetable that comes in those big, grainy utility grades hauled in from the west and in much classier, dense, small white and red types -- luscious! I even like canned potatoes, great for roasting with meats. The depressing thing is that any solid potato consumption is good for at least a 5-pound gain during mid-winter weeks. Maybe I ought to swear off swearing off and cut way back on the pasta.


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