Varied Activities Made Our Communities Special In '91


Reminiscing Brings Back Happy Memories

December 31, 1991|By Rosalie M. Falter

With 1991 coming to an end, it is only natural to look back a bit before starting a new year. Over the past year, it has been my pleasureto report the many matters of interest to the Ferndale and Linthicumneighborhoods. I would like briefly to recount some of them for you,while touching on some of the things that make our communities so special.

They have been put into categories: growth, community action, changes, additions, special events and special people, support andservice, and potpourri.

* Growth: This encompasses all the activities in the nursery, elementary and high schools in the neighborhood. Youth associations suchas the Scouts, 4-H, sports programs and our local library are all avenues of particular learning experiences.

* Community action: We have many community and improvement associations working toward keeping this area a good place to live. The Lion's, Woman's and Democratic clubs also help in many ways.

* Changes: We said goodbye to the little Ferndale railroad trestle we became so used to seeing over the years. We have said goodbye to many outgoing officers and welcomed incoming ones in all of the various clubs and groups here.

* Additions: We welcomed a new pastor to the Ferndale United Methodist Church and were the hosts of the Amateur Baseball Association World Series.

Churches in the area added special services for peace in the MiddleEast, and we welcomed home our servicemen who served there. We also see evidence of rapid transit coming our way.

* Special events: Linthicum's first Christmas House Tour, Ferndale Day, the North Linthicum Fair and the Country Fair were of interest this year.

We had many concerts to attend, including those in Benton Park and at Airport Square. The Performing Arts Association has sponsored many wonderful concerts; most recently, "The Nutcracker."

There were also numerous flea markets, craft shows, festivals, dinners and breakfasts -- allspecial because of the fun and conviviality that abounds when we gettogether.

* Special people: They would include all who give of their time volunteering in the community, who do more than their share helping to keep the neighborhood clean, who get involved in recyclingand those very special people who support and volunteer at the Fire Department.

We also have active and interesting senior citizens clubs as well as organizations for retired people.

* Support and service: The Cancer Society, Hospice, YWCA and area churches provide support for all.

* Potpourri: Our community has a wealth of activities we can get involved with, depending on our interest. We have an herb club and garden club. The Sweet Adelines are for women who like to sing; for those interested in homemaking, there are two homemakers groups. We also have a smocking club and a square-dance group.

We have an equestrian center and two community swimming pools. The county Parks and Recreation Department provides many outdoor activities to enjoy. We even have the historic Benson-Hammond House in our midst.

It was a busy year with a lot to report on, so I do hope that I havesomehow included you in my reminiscing.

If not, be assured it wasnot intended.

As we say goodbye to 1991 and welcome 1992, I want to wish each and everyone a healthy and Happy New Year.


The Ferndale Community Club elected new officers for 1992 at its Dec. 2 membership meeting. The new officers, to be installed Monday, are: Jim McHugh, president; Henry Muir Sr., vice president; Darlene Tice, treasurer; Donna Foster, assistant treasurer; Bernie Mossman, secretary; Bernice Taylor, assistant secretary.

Elected to the board of directors were Pat Stallings (past president), Jack Faulkner, Skip Foster,Jim Lane, Joe Stracke and Danny Williams.

The trustees are Bob Meseke, Ben Olsen and Vaughn Thomas. Rick Woolridge is house committee chairman.


The Ferndale Garden Club recently sponsored a Christmas Door and Entranceway Decorating Contest.

Members of the club put their talents to work for this annual event.

The first-place ribbon went to Jeanette Lehman of Gordon Lane. Jeanette used a wisteria vine wreath with a large spray of fresh long-needle pine, holly andgold-sprayed teasel attached. A bird and a small weathered birdhousesat on top. A long red bow provided balance.

Sitting by the door was a wrought-iron log carrier with a corresponding arrangement.

Dorothy Malchester of Forestdale Avenue chose a Victorian theme for her door decoration, which took second place. Off-white lace, crochet ornaments and Burgundy ribbon were tastefully placed on the fresh evergreen door wreath and railing around the porch.

Erma Holland of Wicklow Road, a talented craftswoman, won a third-place ribbon for her Christmas display. She made several stuffed fabric reindeer with floppy legs to give a little whimsy to her door wreath and entrance way.

A display of brightly wrapped packages and a few floppy reindeer filled a porch basket. Green swags and bright red bows used as accent made for a very nice overall appearance.

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