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December 31, 1991

An off-duty Maryland state trooper shot and killed a man last night during a gunbattle in Northwest Baltimore that also left the trooper with a gunshot wound to his leg, state police said.

Trooper Eric Claxton, 29, killed the unidentified man after he saw the man open fire on a third person in an alley off the intersection of Wabash and Belle avenues, said Chuck Jackson, a spokesman for the Maryland State Police.

Trooper Claxton, an undercover officer with the fugitive warrant section, was at a service station pay phone next to the alley shortly after 10 p.m. when he saw the gunman open fire, Mr. Jackson said. He identified himself and then drew his 9mm service pistol.

The two men traded shots. Trooper Claxton, a nine-year veteran, was grazed in the leg.

The unidentified man staggered up the alley and collapsed on Wabash Avenue, Mr. Jackson said.

The third man, who may have been shot in the buttocks, fled, and police were searching for him.

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