Not all questions of '91 have, or deserve, answers

Phil jackman

December 30, 1991|By Phil jackman

With only one more day remaining in the year, it seems a fitting time to clear out all the notebooks and the inquiring minds of Evening Sun staffers so we'll be fresh and clear-minded for the start of 1992:

* Isn't there a way the fact that Maryland doesn't have a football coach could be worked into a lottery game of some sort, killing two birds with one stone: getting a coach and wiping out the athletic department deficit?

* Say Tom Clancy ends up as the owner of a Baltimore franchise in the NFL, will he author the weekly game plans? And, if so, who's going to wade through them?

* If television said it wanted to stage the Army-Navy game the second week of May between the Kentucky Derby and Preakness, would the academies comply?

* Isn't it strange Chuck Noll became a coaching icon in the NFL when the backfield that won all those Super Bowls -- Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris and Rocky Bleier -- wouldn't have been around if Chuck had had his way? Ol' Chuckles wanted to draft Mike Phipps, not Bradshaw.

* How's Walt Williams figure as an NBA lottery pick if he fouls out of games 20 percent of the time?

* With Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke's plan of charging $100,000 for each of 150 luxury boxes in his alleged new stadium in Washington, how come he's so hot and bothered about financially strapped D.C. making a few bucks on parking and concessions?

* Wasn't it a great yuk to hear Bill Laimbeer, one of the great thugs in NBA history, complain about how buddy Isiah Thomas (( was roughed up by Karl Malone?

* Do you think Cal Ripken Jr. has ever told an off-color joke? Do you think he knows one?

* Are the once hardy Minnesota Vikings fans becoming wimps or what? More than 25,000 of them were no-shows at a December game . . . indoors no less.

* The 19 bowl games will benefit schools and conferences to the tune of $64 million this season, so does anyone really think a national playoff is in the offing if these tradition holiday extravaganzas have to go?

* Isn't it true that the only people who want to see NBA players represent the U.S. in the Olympics are folks who couldn't care less about the Games otherwise?

* Hey, Boogie (Weinglass), has your buddy Eli (Jacobs) got back to you yet concerning the alleged sale of the Orioles?

* Can you believe John Thompson dragged his Georgetown hoopsters over five time zones to hammer an NAIA squad, then proclaimed, "It was a great workout for us. It gave us a chance to see some things?"

* What's the big deal about former gold medal long jumper Lutz Dombrowski admitting he spied for the East German government during Olympic competitions? The FBI and others wanted U.S. athletes to help in recruiting Iron Curtain defectors as far back as 1960.

* Is there still any such thing as a Danny Ferry in the NBA? Ditto Jerrod Mustaf?

* Once again your Ineptapolis Colts have the inside track on a very successful draft with the first and second picks overall, but does a living, breathing soul think they won't louse it up?

* Is that darkened shade Eagles quarterback Jim McMahon wears on his helmet so defensive backs and linebackers can't read his eyes, or is it to mask a hangover?

* Isn't it weird that, when he was a boxer, Marvin Hagler was a gentleman and, now that he's a civilian and supposed actor, he's found guilty a couple of times of assaulting a woman with his fists? She probably said she thought Sugar Ray Leonard beat him in his last fight.

* Now that Sam Wyche has lost his soap box as Cincinnati Bengals coach, won't he pick up a bigger one as a network announcer? And after being the media's worst enemy, too.

* Seriously now, who besides radio broadcaster Ron Weber thought the Washington Capitals were as good as they played through the first 30 games (21-9) and would go on to win the Patrick Division and Stanley Cup?

* Only two of the 26 major-league ballparks offer a beer cup larger than 20 ounces now. Have you ever tried to manage a soft cup that size and larger for more than a couple of minutes?

* Wasn't it a scream looking at all those anti-hunting hypocrites who were photographed at a recent rally wearing leather jackets?

* New York mayor David Dinkins is about as popular as a fall in a mud puddle these days, so what happens now that he's on record as favoring the return of George Steinbrenner to the Yankees, petition for recall?

* Are the people who call radio talk shows the same ones who would sooner fall victim to leprosy than actually attend a sporting event? WWF shows excluded, of course.

* Wasn't it Red Sox general manager Lou Gorman who said, "I don't know how long teams can go on doing this" after signing Danny Darwin for $12 million last year? Enter Frank Viola and his $14 million deal with the Sawx.

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