Man caught after using cab in robbery

December 30, 1991

A man hopped a cab yesterday to hold up a convenience store, but when he called for a cab to make his getaway, he was caught by two police officers -- who arrived in another cab.

Anne Arundel County police said they were called to the 7-Eleven in the 500 block of Donaldson Avenue in Severn about 5 a.m. yesterday to investigate an armed robbery.

On their way to the store, officers learned that a man had been dropped off at the 7-Eleven by a cab just minutes before the robbery. The same man, police were told, had just called the same cab company for another cab from an address on nearby Myers Drive.

Two officers contacted the cab company and took a cab to the Myers Drive address.

When the suspect left the Myers Drive house, he was arrested and taken back to the 7-Eleven, where a clerk identified him, police said.

Officers went to the suspect's house and found the clothes worn during the robbery, police said.

Police charged Hilton Edward Brooks, 22, of 7802 Myers Drive, with armed robbery.

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