Ethelrose James Owens, the last grandchild of outlaw Jesse...

Deaths elsewhere

December 30, 1991

Ethelrose James Owens, the last grandchild of outlaw Jesse James, died at a retirement home in Los Angeles Dec. 22 at age 84. Jesse James was the leader of the James gang, which became infamous for robberies of railroads and banks in the late 1800s. Mrs. Owens was the last person who could recall her uncle Frank, Jesse's brother, family spokesman David Chambers said Saturday. "She used to sit on his lap and play piano for him," he said.

Judson Bailey, a former Associated Press sportswriter, head writer for CBS Sports and publisher of the former Pinellas Park News, died at his home in Pinellas Park, Fla., after a long illness. He was 79.

Johnny Ace Baron, who was born with the AIDS virus and who lectured to other children about the disease and the dangers of drug abuse, died Christmas Day in La Jolla, Calif., of pneumonia. He was 9. The boy appeared numerous times on television and was featured on a United Way TV presentation, "Facing AIDS Together." His parents, Chuck and Sarah Holzhauser Baron, both died of AIDS.

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