A Happy Thought for the New Year: In Bad Times, Think of Good People


December 30, 1991|By PETER A. JAY

So, ciao to 1991.

It's been a year not long on fun.

There was that war, so quickly won,

And then things seemed to come undone.

In Baghdad, the grotesque Saddam's

Emerged unscathed despite our bombs.

The hostages are free, God bless,

But still the globe's in quite a mess.

Grim news rained down on everyone.

(There goes Gorby! Good luck, hon!)

Layoffs, pink slips, bankrupt firms;

New Scope-resistant bad-breath germs;

Global Warming! We'll all burn!

(Until it's Global Cooling's turn.)

A budget zillions in the hole.

These are times that try the soul.

In Maryland, the mood's so glum,

No one expects to overcome.

Baltimore, says Mayor Schmoke,

Is pretty close to going broke.

Our wacky guv is on a tear.

'Follow me!' says he. But where?

Through our fiscal house of cards

We wander, toward Camden Yards.

Far off, we spot a rising foam

Of blather from the statehouse dome.

Legislators from the sticks

Vote down taxes, talk prolix.

Their peers who dwell amid the 'burbs

-- Gentle folks, who cook with herbs --

Insist our state will come unglued

Unless we're better revenued.

But skip all that. It's party time.

Ring them bells and let them chime!

As '91 slinks out of sight,

Our goal should be Gemutlichkeit.

It means -- oh, really, look it up!

But first, please raise a cheerful cup.

One way to banish unpleasant morbidity

I've found is to drown it in festive liquidity.

So Happy '92, hey hey,

To all who have a part to play.

That might include Decatur Trotter;

Preston Trucking's William Potter;

The Davises, both Glenn and Storm;

Burly General Schwarzkopf, Norm;

Diane Schulte, Albert Wynn,

Jeffrey Smith and John M. Glynn.

Cheers to Janice Piccinini,

Roger Hayden, Judge Bob Sweeney,

Jo-Ann Orlinsky (she's with MOSH),

Peter Cullman, Donald Boesch,

Virginia Clagett, Wilbur Ford,

Racing scribe Ross Peddicord,

Donald Trump (Ivana's ex),

Who's not too skilled at bouncing Czechs.

Drain those glasses, gents and ladies,

To our friends the James H. Breadys;

Cal Ripken, who is unsurpassed;

Kenny Cooper of the Blast;

Jack Lapides, Alan Keyes,

Joseph Kaplan -- oh, and please

(Unless it makes you feel uneasy)

Remember Francis Aluisi.

Wheeze a verse of Auld Lang Syne

For former Bird John Lowenstein;

Pitch your glasses in the hearth

And think warm thoughts of Andy Barth,

Arthur Sherwood, William Clark,

Gene Oishi, Art Slusark,

Fred Puddester, Bob Dubel,

Nancy Kopp and Alan Fell.

If you get across the Bay,

Say howdy-do to Mitchell, Clay;

Rock Hall's Roy Elbourne, Susan Sawyer,

Frank Perdue, Judge Elroy Boyer,

Wade Murphy Jr., Kathleen Wise,

Lemuel Chester, Russell Dize,

Frederick Malkus, A. Ford Hall

And skipjack captains one and all.

Hit the drum a few good whacks

For Gerry Brewster, Sheila Sachs,

Dave Iannucci, Robert Lloyd,

Jane Nishida and Laslo Boyd.

Remember also John A. Cade,

Connie Morella, Joanne McQuade,

John Page Williams and Douglas Birch

(John Page knows lots about yellow perch).

All aboard, then, for the upcoming cruise.

Life is an offer you cannot refuse.

We'll be calling at dozens of wonderful ports;

There'll be triumph and tragedy, plenty of sports,

News and reviews and of course song and dance,

Plus maybe for some just a touch of romance.

So hurry along, don't stay home and turn blue.

The name of our vessel's 1992.

Peter A. Jay's column appears on alternate Mondays.

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