Dear sir:Have any provisions been made at Oriole Park to...

The Stadium Doctor

December 29, 1991

Dear sir:

Have any provisions been made at Oriole Park to accommodate handicapped fans in the lower-box seats, so that they can sit together with the person accompanying them? Also, are there

provisions for handicapped parking?

Milton Rifkin



Dear Milton Rifkin:

The answers to your questions are yes and yes. The new ballpark will contain about 400 special seats designed for the disabled. The seats can be used by a companion of a disabled fan or can be folded and swung away so a person in a wheelchair can occupy the space. The seats will be on every level of the ballpark and in every ticket category, including lower boxes.

There will be handicapped parking near the ballpark, Milton. There also will be some other innovative handicapped services, which I will list here in the hope you bought the paper today: wheelchair-level ticket windows and concessions areas, electronic equipment in the seating areas that will connect fans who are hearing impaired to the public address system, and special restrooms.

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