A Last-minute Holiday Wish List


Too Late For Santa -- And Only Someone Like Him Could Bring Such Gifts

December 29, 1991|By Russ Mullaly

Seeing that this is the holiday season, there are some holiday giftsI would like to give to those in Howard County. These are gifts thatcould only be given with some kind of special powers -- none of which I have, but these gifts are nice to think about, anyway.

* First, how about a budget that everybody likes for County Executive Charles I. Ecker?

* To John Taylor and the folks in the western end of the county, reassurance that the Vandals, Visigoths and others won't overrun their domain.

* To the residents of Glen Mar, fully grown, mature trees to replace those the developers savagely destroyed.

* To the Board of Education, a place to build an eastern county elementary schoolother than county parkland.

* To the teachers, fire-rescue peopleand police, who work long and hard for us, a raise, along with a lotof respect.

* To the county's farmers, an unbelievable yield in '92, the best in decades. Also, the gift of people from the encroaching developments keeping off their fields and not complaining about agricultural odors and the like. The farmers were there first, you know.

* To the self-righteous religious types, tolerance for others whodon't share the exact same beliefs as theirs. God loves us all, remember.

* To the poor and homeless, the same attention all year longthat they get during the holidays.

* To low- and moderate-income folks who want to live in the county, someplace to live.

* To motor-racing fans, a new dirt track (perhaps located in an industrial area so as not to disturb others) to replace the late Dorsey Speedway. This will keep entertainment tax money in the county as well.

* To those living in Route 100 corridor, a road that doesn't hurt the environment, doesn't take homes, doesn't hurt property values and has noise barriers.

* To office-industrial park owners, tenants for your vacancies, and more revenue for the county.

* To the unemployed and laid off, simply jobs, lots of them.

* To the Human Rights Commission, some appointees who are truly non-judgmental, impartial and acceptable to everyone.

* To Chatham Mall, all the tenants the placecan hold.

* To commuters, roads that flow easily, with no backupsand bottlenecks.

* To all county residents, a proper adequate-facilities law, to ensure a decent quality of life.

* To Main Street Ellicott City merchants, plenty of customers all year long.

* To all residents, the end of hatred, bigotry and the willingness to blamegroups for society's problems.

* To all residents, no more drivers who are drunk, drugged or both on the roads to maim and kill innocent people.

And finally to all, the hope that things will turn around in the coming year to relieve the pain and misery that this year has brought for many. That's a big wish we all hope is obtainable, and not just fantasy.

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