Readers write

Readers write

December 29, 1991


From: Jacque McClure

Beth Dail

Bel Air

I am writing to you to set the facts straight about the article written in your paper titled, "Students urge earlier contraceptive education," Harford County Sun, Dec. 15.

We appreciate thepublicity, we feel it will help our cause, but we also feel that theheadline could deter some of our support. Like we have stated many times before, we believe abstinence should be taught primarily, and safe sexual practices secondarily.

We also feel that the subject of the Harford County Regional Association of Student Councils and the Contemporary Health class petition are being confused. The petition and HCRASC are not in one, and the idea of the petition was thought up by the class and is supported by many students, teachers and parents.Although they are on a similar topic, they were initiated by two separate groups.

We would also like to acknowledge our Contemporary Health class. This battle that we have started is not a one-man crusade. We have support from many people, and many of those people are working very hard behind the scenes. We would just like to take this time to sincerely thank them.

Lastly, we would like to thank our supporters and urge everyone who supports our cause to provide higher AIDS education to attend the Board of Education meeting at 7 p.m. Jan. 6, Southampton Middle School, Bel Air.


From: Samuel C. Dunning

Bel Air

Let us praise the State Highway Administration for the new traffic pattern on Route 24 at the Red Pump Road intersection.

After the recent repaving, north-bound congestion is relieved by extending the left-turn lane and providing a right-turn/straight through lane. Back-ups on the ramp from the bypass seem to have been eliminated. "Bumper-car" merging with north-bound Route 924 is history.

The sacrifice of a right-turn-only lane onto Red Pump Road should not be a great inconvenience, since most traffic from Forest Hill goes straight through the intersection.

Thank you, gentlemen, for a logical, needed improvement.


From: Frank W. Soltis


I fully agree with Carl D. Rogers, "Council hurts business."

Jeffrey Wilson, the council president who is described as the "high priest," in my opinion is an egomaniac.

I think that there are many people fed up with his arrogance and are tired of hearing his self-serving rhetoric. Up to this point, the County Council has been a "do nothing" council and the county is in serious need of addressing economic issues.

Since it appears that Mr. Wilson is not capable of providing the kind of leadership it will take to get the job done, he ought to seriously consider resigning. Ifnot, maybe the citizens may have to seek a legal remedy to have him removed.


From: Maggie Green


To: Dr. Ray R. Keech

Superintendent of schools

Bel Air

This letter is in response to your request for the naming of Route 543 elementary school. I am hereby submitting the name of Dr. Charles W. Willis, who was an educator for 40 years, including 25 years as superintendent of Harford County schools.

During his tenure as superintendent, Willis had to make some tough decisions and he did so with the sole purpose in mind of what was good for the educational system and Harford County's children. He did not let special interests or political interference persuade him in any way. As you are aware, history has proven him right.

Willis brought the school system through some very difficult times for the betterment of all concerned.

If the selection of the name for the Route 543 elementary school is based on fairness, honesty, intelligence, integrity and principle, the new school will be named the Charles W. Willis Elementary School.


From: Gary Smith


I am in agreement: We need to raise questions and concerns about what effects the state-approved underwater test pond will have on our fish and wildlife. But we should also be asking what effect 3,500 pound (possibly larger) underwater explosions have on the people of the community.

Questions need to be asked, such as: Will shock waves be felt in nearby buildings and homes? I would suspect so.

What about shock waves in the waters of Bush River, Gunpowder River, and the Chesapeake Bay? Has this type of project been done before? And if so, what do the local residents have to say about it?

I would suggest that each community get together and find out exactly what is going on with this project and express their views to the local political people who are allowing thisto happen.

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