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December 29, 1991

Editor's note: We recently asked readers "What are your thoughts on legislation drafted by a council-appointed committee to place new restrictions on adult bookstores?" Below are responses received last week.


From: Brian Belzner


I support a bill that would restrict both location and activity of pornography merchants.

Pornography is a cancer to society, demoralizing the minds of both young and old.

Let's stop wasting time and taxpayers' money trying not to offend those who prefer an apathetic community while they peddle their offensive materials. Will we stand for the exploitation of women and children to satisfy this sinful addiction and line pockets of the merchants of immorality?

I say no.


From : Isabelle M. Kalb

Havre de Grace

In my opinion, all adult book stores and sales of pornographic materials should be made illegal foreveryone.

The harm they do is evident by the great increase of poor school performance, rape, venereal diseases and illegitimate births.

Free speech does not mean the spread of filth.


From: Nan Taylor

Havre de Grace

I reside in Havre de Grace, and I am quite concerned that we maintain an environment of moralvirtue in our community. We desire strong, caring families here; we are rearing our children here, and we desire a bright future for them.

God has given us free choice and at the same time has clearly defined, in his Holy Bible, the difference between right and wrong. We will have here what we allow here.

In 1986, a president's commission studied the effects of pornography on people and on families. Overwhelmingly they discovered that pornography deeply damages people andfamilies. Can we afford to allow these shops to nestle among our homes, churches, day care centers and schools?

I have great admiration for Councilman Phillip J. Barker in his diligence concerning this issue, and I thank him and others like-minded on his committee.

I say the 1,000-foot location limit should hold, even for the existing adult book stores, giving the proprietors two choices: 1) relocate; or 2) operate a business that contributes to better moral standards andcommunity goals.


From: Robert Robusto

Bel Air

What's the big deal? Our kids are taught things about condoms/sexin schools that make many of us blush.

Can't adults "have fun" also? At least it's not mandated to get "a piece of the action" as it is in the schools.

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