Commissioners Honor Longtime County Employees

December 29, 1991|By Staff report

The Carroll commissioners presented the 17th annual service awards Dec. 12 to county employees who have worked five to 30 years.

A reception followed the presentation of the awards.

Those honored, with the number of years served and their department, are:

* 30 years: Peggy Conrad, commissioners.

* 25 years: Margaret Larkin, utilities; Frances Scott, Farm Museum; and Clarence Souders, Emergency Services Operations.

* 20 years: Michael Clapsaddle, Emergency Services Operations; Thomas Crum, purchasing; Edmund Cueman, planning; Ray Delphey, engineering; John Fowler, landfill; Harold Gesell, Thomas Gist, Jay Nave and John Obrecht, roads operations;Elton Peterson, sheriff's services; Helen Roop and Margaret Sheedy, accounting; and Bruno Schott, Farm Museum.

* 15 years: Rebecca Haines, accounting; Stewart Lentz, sheriff's services; Wayne Lewns, utilities; Bruce Lockard, roads operations; Michael Munshaur, Emergency Services Operations; Barbara Patterson, Development Review; Richard Soisson, recreation and parks; Edward Ulsch, state's attorney; and Barbara Zepp, engineering.

* 10 years: Richard Bader, Mark Peregoy, David Roop, Edward Spencer, Charles Stonesifer and Earl Turvin, Detention Center; James Brewer, non-support grant; Charles England and JamesStambaugh, fleet management; Janet Flora, aging; Kathleen Frock, Recreation and Parks; Dianne Gebhart, voluntary community services; Marvin Hewitt, sheriff's services; Henry Holt, Gary Jones, Darrell Mullerand Ricky Wetzel, roads operations; Robert Immler, building services; Julie Keefer and Beatrice Sauble, Human Resources; Sandra Keefer, management information services; Pamela Lindsay, JTPA; Louis Llewellyn, land management and maintenance; Richard Lyons, engineering; David Porter, landfill; Marianne Schwartz, utilities; Richard Shelton, purchasing; Peter Tabatsko, juvenile master; and Rodney Valentine, building services.

* 5 years: Pamela Baker and Julia Gouge, commissioners; Barbara Bankard, Preston Blank, Ralph Franklin, Paul Ganjon and Paul Lentz, land management and maintenance; Colleen Baumgartner, housing and community development; Brenda Black, environmental services; Wendy Bowersox, emergency services operations; Gwenith Bynaker, building construction; Virginia Cook, waste and hazardous materials management; Kitty Devilbiss-Marble, Jean Farrell, Christy Mullinix and DianeUnglesbee, aging; Karen Fisher, accounting; William Fogle, James Hansbrough, Robert Manahan Jr., Jeffrey Myers, Charles Parrish, William Spielman and William Zile, roads operations; Dorothy Freeman, Farm Museum; Dawn Gardiner, county attorney; Veronica Green, John Lilley, Rebecca Livesay, David Lowe, Tina Ray and Julia E. Sherfey, detention center; Howard Harpel III, engineering; Deanna Hofman, interpretation and conservation; Kenneth Huff, voluntary community services; Patricia Hughes, state's attorney; William Jenne and Eileen Shields, economic development; Linda Jenne, administrative services; Robert Luers, warehouse operations; Kathy Magee, permits and inspections; Cindy Miller, purchasing; Joseph Morningstar, permits and inspections; Carolyn Myers, water resource management; Jay Prise and Neal Wuethrich, sheriff's services; and Barbara Scott, Hashawha Environmental Appreciation Center.

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