Soil Test Prices Increase On Wednesday


December 29, 1991

To help offset budget shortfalls, farmers and homeowners are being asked to pay a higher price for having their soil samples tested at the state soil-testing laboratory in College Park.

Effective Wednesday, the price for both routine farm samples and lawn and garden testswill be raised $1, said Richard A. Weismiller, acting chairman for agronomy in the College of Agriculture at the University of Maryland.

Weismiller reports that the charge for lawn and garden tests willincrease from $4 to $5 per sample and the price for routine farm field tests will rise from $5 to $6 per sample. Charges for special tests will remain unchanged.

Weismiller noted that charges for soil testing have not risen since 1987.

The Maryland service began in 1911. It was free through 1981.

A new computer system will interpret soil-test results and mail soil recommendations directly to farmers and homeowners.

Traditionally, soil test results were sent to county offices of the Cooperative Extension Service. County agents then interpreted the results and mailed recommendations to clients.

The new system should be in operation in a few months. It will shorten theturn-around time for soil-testing procedures, Weismiller said.

Information: 848-4611.

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