Third Boe Hopeful Files

'92 vote

December 29, 1991

A third candidate, C. Scott Stone of Hampstead, has filed for the one contested seat in the Carroll school board election next year.

Stone will be vying against incumbent Cheryl A. McFalls and Neil F. MacGregor, an unsuccessful board candidate in 1990, in the March primary.

Stone, an engineer with AT&T Network Systems in Cockeysville, said he has chosen to run for the five-member board because of concerns about the quality of education Carroll students are receiving.

"I want to see world-class students being produced by this school system," said Stone, whose two children attend Hampstead Elementary School. "I think we should go beyond what the state is requiring."

He said he is not confident the state's requirements, particularly on the Maryland School Performance Program, are good enough.

He said hecontinues to read business articles about employers' complaining about having to train high school graduates in basic math and other skills.

To improve the system, Stone, 40, advocated reducing classroomsize and hiring more elementary teachers.

He said that although budget restrains would hamper such changes in the immediate future, they should remain goals.

"I see it as a goal or an objective to decrease classroom size significantly below the 25(-person) average," hesaid.

He also said he wants more emphasis placed on math. He saidall students should understand such things as graphs and should be able to "make heads or tails" out of statistics.

McFalls, 40, of Manchester, is seeking her second six-year term.

She cited making teachers' and other salaries more competitive with surrounding school districts as among the board's accomplishments during her tenure.

She said she chose to seek office again because she couldn't walk awayfrom the board during the current budget crisis.

McFalls said shewants the district to continue to focus on school improvement.

"We'll get through this budget crisis," she said. "I truly believe in school improvement and want to move Carroll forward."

MacGregor, 43, an independent newspaper contractor who lives in Westminster, said the district should be spending more money on students and less on administration.

The deadline to file for the school board race was 9p.m. Dec. 23. None of the other four school board posts is up for contest in 1992.

The deadline to register to vote in the primary is Feb. 3.

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