Assembly Delegation To Discuss Proposals

December 29, 1991|By Adam Sachs | Adam Sachs,Staff writer

The six-member Carroll General Assembly delegation will have its annual public hearing Saturday to discuss eight legislative requests from the county commissioners, two from the state's attorney and one from Westminster's mayor.

Residents are welcome to comment on issues other than those on the agenda.

The three-month General Assembly session begins Jan. 8. Each year, the commissioners must ask the delegation to introduce legislation to enact county laws.

The commissioners are requesting legislation that would:

* Authorize the county to borrow a set amount througha bond sale to finance public facilities.

* Authorize the county to establish a reserve budget account -- not to exceed 5 percent of the annual operating budget -- to be used during an economic crisis.

* Authorize the county to borrow money to lend to the 14 volunteer fire companies for equipment purchases, building improvements and other capital costs. Certain limitations will be established on the amount that can be lent.

* Create a 3 percent hotel rental tax. Proceeds would be used to stimulate tourism and economic development in thecounty.

* Authorize the commissioners and sheriff to employ detention center inmates to perform certain public service jobs in addition to the maintenance of roads.

* Require real estate agents and home sellers to notify prospective purchasers that mining is either currently taking place or planned within a half-mile radius of the property being negotiated. The legislation has been recommended to complement a comprehensive mining plan being developed by Carroll planners.

* Prohibit the giving away of live animals, including horses, fishor birds, as a prize at events such as carnivals. The state Secretary of Agriculture currently has the authority to permit such giveawaysin Carroll.

* Authorize the county government to abate weed nuisances because this service no longer will be performed by the county Health Department. Weeds of 12 inches or more would be considered a nuisance.

State's Attorney Thomas E. Hickman has requested legislation that would allow his office to appoint investigators with police powers, such as the authority to carry guns, make arrests and serve court papers. Hickman's other proposal would allow designated volunteer"fire police officers" to use portable flashing amber lights on their vehicles at accident scenes.

Westminster Mayor W. Benjamin Brownsubmitted a proposal that would allow municipalities statewide to grant property tax payment deferrals to certain elderly or disabled homeowners. State law currently allows county governing bodies to do so.


* Event: County delegation public legislative hearing

* Time/date: 9 a.m. Saturday

* Location: Room 07, County Office Building, 225 N. Center St., Westminster

* Information: 239-7600

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