Herve Guibert, 36, who chronicled his struggle with AIDS...

Deaths elsewhere

December 29, 1991

Herve Guibert, 36, who chronicled his struggle with AIDS in two autobiographical best-sellers, died of the disease Friday in Paris, two weeks after he attempted suicide by an overdose of sleeping pills. His novels, "Les Chiens" (The Dogs), filled with homosexual eroticism, and "Mes Parents" (My Parents), a biting attack on his family, had a mixed critical reception. But he won plaudits from critics when he went public with his illness and wrote two novels based on his experiences, "A l'Ami Qui Ne M'a Pas Sauve la Vie" (The Friend Who Didn't Save My Life) and "Le Protocole Compassionel" (The Compassionate Protocol).

Wilbur Snyder, 62, a former professional wrestler who teamed with "Dick the Bruiser," died Thursday in a Florida hospital of lymphatic leukemia. He wrestled in the now-defunct American Wrestling Association from 1951 to 1980 and held the association's title on several occasions.

Dmitri Vail, 88, a portrait artist known for his paintings of presidents and other celebrities, died of pneumonia Monday at a Dallas hospital. Born Robert David Vail in Columbus, Ohio, he changed his first name to Dmitri after a friend suggested it would sound more artistic.

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