Scenes From A Year Sun Photographers'favorite Pictures Of 1991

December 29, 1991

A PHOTOGRAPHER IS THAT UNUSUAL BREED of journalist whose job is not to record a moment of history but to capture a split second of that moment. Where a reporter will observe an event and retreat to the newsroom to let ideas percolate before spinning them into a story, a photographer has no such luxury. Either the image is captured on film or it isn't.

The criteria for a career in photojournalism go well beyond technical ability with a camera. Newspaper photographers must have the reflexes of a martial artist and a keen instinct for a story. They must be able to anticipate an event before it happens and above all be a fast learner. A photographer can go from shooting a football game to taking pictures at a ballet to lining up an artistic shot for a food page. Often, there just isn't time for a leisurely study of a situation before a photgrapher must start shooting.

We asked the photographers at The Sun to give us their favorite shots taken in 1991 and to offer a few words on the story behind their work. In many ways their combined commentaries offer a classic primer on photojournalism and an insight into just how good the best photographers in the state really are.

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