Gen. Richard G. Stilwell, 74, former commander in chief of...

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December 26, 1991

Gen. Richard G. Stilwell, 74, former commander in chief of U.S. forces in Korea, died yesterday of cardiac arrest at Fairfax County Hospital in suburban Virginia, the Army said. General Stilwell served in World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. He was a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, where he later served as commandant of cadets. From 1949 to 1952, he served as chief of the Far East Division of the CIA and later took command of a regiment in Korea, where he remained until December 1953. Twenty years later, General Stilwell was named commander in chief of the United Nations Command in South Korea as well as commander in chief of U.S. forces there and commander of the Eighth Army. General Stilwell served twice in Vietnam. During his first tour, in 1963, he was appointed chief of staff to Gen. William Westmoreland. During the second, in 1968, he assumed command of troops in the northern provinces of South Vietnam. He retired from the Army in 1976 and returned to the government in 1981 to work four years as deputy undersecretary of defense. He was president of his own consulting firm based in Virginia.

Minna Citron, 95, a painter and printmaker best known for her Social Realist images of New York City, died Saturday at Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan. Mrs. Citron was born in Newark, N.J., on Oct. 15, 1896, and grew up in Brooklyn. She began to study art as a diversion in the 1920s while living in Brooklyn, married and the mother of two sons. She became associated during the 1930s with a loosely knit group of Realist painters known as the 14th Street School that included Moses and Raphael Soyer and Isabel Bishop. She taught art and painted murals for the Works Progress Administration. In the early 1940s she changed to abstraction, which remained her primary style for the rest of her life.

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