Give your hair a holiday

December 26, 1991|By Vida Roberts | Vida Roberts,Evening Sun Staff

THE RUSH is over, presents opened, lots of sweets and leftovers in the fridge to last the rest of the week. There's some time to think about getting yourself pretty for those pop-on-over parties with friends.

Lucky for you, this is a year for fancy and frolicsome hairdos, so your everyday look can take a little tousle and tinsel.

Gloria Brennan, of her namesake salon at Pikesville, sees a strong return to special sets. "We're doing glamorous evening looks like we haven't seen in years. A precision cut and blow dry just don't seem like enough for a holiday."

Here are some of Brennan's suggestions for getting the most glamour on-the-go:

* Women with long hair have an advantage. If there's no time to curl between work and party, wear the hair braided or twisted all day. Then loosen the braid without working the hair too much and let it flow.

* Long hair that has lost its daytime curl can be revived. Pin hair into rolls without dampening and let steam from the shower do its work. By the time the face and dress are put together, hair will have dried enough to remember a curl with a touch of hair spray.

* A glamorous upsweep needs to stay put. To anchor, make a large pincurl with two criss-crossed bobby pins at the highest point of the hairdo. Then bend and pull all hair into a ponytail secured with an elastic band where the pincurl is. You can smooth and pin hair around the anchor or let curls cascade.

* There are many decorative and elaborate combs in the shops, but remember not to use combs arbitrarily. Even an ornamental comb should look like it is holding the hair. To anchor a comb, run a bobby pin at right angles to it just catching the edges of the teeth.

* Ribbons are festive. You can make a bow and pin it in place or use a length of ribbon to loosely gather the hair off the face for a romantic look.

* Jewels add dramatic sparkle. Just remember that if you go for all-out glitter in the hair, pass on the necklace and earrings.

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