Happy Match

December 25, 1991

A long-term lease turns Baltimore County's historic Dumbarton House in Rodgers Forge over to the Baltimore Actors' Theatre Conservatory.

This is truly a happy match. It gives that 150-year-old Greek Revival mansion in Rodgers Forge a new purpose. And it creates a permanent home for the non-profit theater group, which bills itself as Maryland's only college preparatory school (grades 1-12) for the arts.

BAT operates the Wixie Children's Theater as well as the Oregon Ridge Dinner Theater, where the conservatory students' two annual school productions are presented. When the new facilities in Rodgers Forge are inaugurated early next month, aspiring actors and their teachers will have 12 classrooms, offices, a reception room, library and a dining room. The building will also house the Yale Gordon Music Center.

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