Bears' loss gives Colts top 2 draft picks

December 24, 1991

The Indianapolis Colts earned the first two picks in next year's college draft as a result of the Chicago Bears' loss last night to the San Francisco 49ers. The Colts qualified for the pick by having the worst record (1-15) in pro football, and they got Tampa Bay's first-round pick in the Chris Chandler trade a year ago.

Tampa Bay tied for the second-worst record with the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams, but the Bears' loss and the 49ers' win moved the behind the Rams in the strength-of-schedule standings. Ties in the draft go to the team playing the weaker schedule, and since the Buccaneers played the Bears twice and Rams played the 49ers twice, the extra win by the 49ers moved the Buccaneers into the second spot. If the Bears had won, the Rams would have had the second spot.

* SEAHAWKS: General manager Tom Flores said no decision has been made on the future of coach Chuck Knox despite increasing speculation that Knox is all but fired.

Flores said he expects an announcement about Knox early next month.

Flores said he would meet with owner Ken Behring within a week to talk about Knox's status, and Knox would be told of their decision.

Flores met with Knox the day after the Seahawks' season ended.

"We had a nice, private meeting," he said. "We discussed many things but they were between Chuck and I."

Flores, former coach of the Los Angeles Raiders, has been mentioned as a possible successor in case Knox does not return.

Asked if he wanted to coach the Seahawks next season, Flores said, "At this point, I can't answer that question."

* BUCCANEERS: Coach Richard Williamson said he's waiting to hear from the only man who can talk about his future with the Buccaneers with any degree of certainty.

Owner Hugh Culverhouse reportedly is seeking a high-profile coach, possibly Bill Parcells, to take over the NFL's losingest franchise during the past decade.

An announcement on Williamson's status is expected sometime after Christmas. Until then, the coach made it clear that he won't have any comment.

* Chicago safety Shaun Gayle will replace injured safety Tim McDonald of Phoenix for the NFC in the Pro Bowl, the league announced.

McDonald, an all-star the past two seasons, broke his ankle on Nov. 29 during practice and was sidelined for the rest of the year. He had 96 tackles and five interceptions this season.

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