Annapolis neighbors caught in terror-ridden chase Man crashes into family's home, takes neighbor hostage.

December 23, 1991|By Alisa Samuels | Alisa Samuels,Evening Sun Staff

A man fleeing from a shooting jumped through the living room window of an Annapolis condominium, then used a neighbor as a human shield against two assailants chasing him.

That's the nightmare that Jayney Carlson, her family and a next-door neighbor awoke to early Saturday.

Carlson, a 27-year-old restaurant manager, said she was awakened at 4 a.m. by a commotion outside her bedroom window at the Annapolis Overlook Condominiums on Greystone Court.

She said she looked out the window, saw three men and told them to keep the noise down, or she'd call police.

"One guy said, 'If you call police, 'I'll bust up your place,' " Carlson recalled.

She said she slammed the window shut. Her husband, Brian Carlson, 34, told her to call police while he checked on their 8-year-old son, and Brian's parents, who were visiting from Connecticut and were sleeping in the living room.

Another son, 15 months old, was asleep in another bedroom.

"As soon as I turned the corner, someone came flying through the window," Brian Carlson said. "He landed near where my son was on the couch."

The man was being chased by two friends of a man who

had been shot earlier, Annapolis police said. He crashed through the window of the Carlsons' apartment after one of his pursuers had broken that window and others with the Carlsons' ax, which had been sitting on the patio.

"Glass was flying everywhere," Jayney Carlson said. "It was terror."

The man who crashed through the window ran through their condominium, the family said.

Meanwhile, Brian Carlson sent his 8-year-old son and his children's grandmother, who carried the toddler, to a neighbor's for help. Jayney Carlson, meanwhile, went next door for help.

"I go next door and start banging and banging on the door," Jayney Carlson said. "I'm banging [and shuting] 'Help us, help us.' "

When the neighbor, Ellen S. Bump, answered the door, the man ran from the Carlsons' apartment and forced his way past the frightened Jayney Carlson and into Bump's apartment. Jayney Carlson fled to another neighbor's.

"I started screaming," said Bump, a 37-year-old bookkeeper who was alone with her 6-year-old daughter and their dog. Her husband, John, had just gone to work.

Thinking that Bump had fled her apartment, Brian Carlson said, he and his father followed the man inside Bump's unit to try to get him to leave. But they said he refused, pleading that he would be killed if he left the building.

"I went through her master bedroom to jump out the window and heard two shots as I went out," Brian Carlson said. "Somebody outside shot at me. They thought I was the guy they were after."

Bump, meanwhile, noticed that the man roaming her apartment had a weapon. "When I saw the gun, I became terrified. I thought I'd be shot," Bump said.

As she began to dial 911, the two men outside smashed through her front door, looking for their prey.

"One had a 2-by-4 [and said] 'I'm going to kill you' to this first man,' " Bump said.

The man then pulled Bump in front of him, using her as a shield against his pursuers, she said. The man wielding the 2-by-4 started swinging it.

"We're both being hit by the 2-by-4," Bump said. "I was hit in the head at least three times. I'm still finding bruises."

After throwing an assortment of household items at the man they were chasing, the two pursuers left Bump's apartment, possibly scared off by the sound of sirens, Bump said.

When the first man started roaming her apartment again, Bump said, she decided to take charge.

"I screamed at him, 'Get away from me. Go in the kitchen and don't move,' " Bump said. "He did it."

Then police knocked at her door and arrested the man, Bump said.

While Bump suffered bruises, none of the Carlsons were injured. Last night, the two families were still cleaning blood and glass from their homes.

"There's blood everywhere in my house," Bump said. "He bled all over my house. . . . I was covered in blood."

"It was a horrifying experience," Bump said. "We are all physically all right. That's the golden moment in all this."

"We were fearful for our lives," Jayney Carlson said. "They wanted that guy and they'd do anything to get him."

Police charged Ralph Simms, 18, whom they identified as the man who crashed through the Carlsons' window, with assault with intent to murder Leon Lamar Surgeon, 20, of Glen Burnie. Simms, of Annapolis, was treated at a local hospital.

Police allege that Simms shot Surgeon at the Robinwood housing project across the street from the condominiums. Surgeon was listed in stable condition at Anne Arundel General Hospital after undergoing treatment for gunshot wound to the groin, police said.

Police also arrested William Randolph Savoy, 25, of Annapolis, who they said was one of the men who chased Simms. Police charged Savoy with breaking and entering, burglary and two counts of assault with intent to murder. Police are seeking the other man who chased Simms.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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