James C. Fletcher, who reluctantly agreed to head NASA for...

Deaths elsewhere

December 23, 1991

James C. Fletcher, who reluctantly agreed to head NASA for a second time after the Challenger shuttle accident in 1986, died of cancer yesterday in Washington. Mr. Fletcher, 72, had lived in suburban McLean, Va., since his most recent retirement from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. He served on the boards of several corporations and held a part-time teaching job at the University of Pittsburgh, his family said.

Dorothy Bush, 75, who called the roll at every Democratic National Convention for more than 40 years, died Saturday in Naples, Fla., of lung cancer. As secretary of the Democratic National Committee, Mrs. Bush called the roll of the states and kept the vote count that led to the nomination of every Democratic presidential ticket from Roosevelt-Truman in 1944 to Dukakis-Bentsen in 1988.

Allegra Maynard, 94, a retired headmistress of the Madeira School, died Wednesday of congestive heart failure at the North Hill Retirement Center in Needham, Mass. She joined the staff of the college preparatory school for girls in 1931, the year it moved from Washington to its present site on the Potomac River in Greenway, Va.

John A. Blatnik, 80, who sponsored major environmental and public works laws and led liberal causes in his 27-year career as a Democratic representative from Minnesota, died of heart failure Wednesday at his home in Forest Heights, Md.

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