Dear Stadium Doctor:I have been to several major-league...

Stadium Doctor

December 22, 1991

Dear Stadium Doctor:

I have been to several major-league parks. Like our new stadium, they have scores of other games and an instant-replay board. But other parks have the lineups posted throughout the game. This is handy because I like to keep score.

NB Will our new park have the lineups posted on the scoreboard? Jerry Kolodkin


Dear Jerry Kolodkin:

Thank you for writing and for asking this question, which, surprisingly, was completely overlooked during my recent college lecture series titled, "Sheet Rock, Friend or Foe?"

Anyway, I went right to the Orioles with your question, Jerry. The news isn't good. You can see the line score any time. Or the out-of-town scores. Or even the Budweiser billboard. But at present, the Orioles don't plan to display lineups continuously throughout the game. If you start a petition drive, let me know.

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