Don't blame RedskinsHaving sat by with much patience and...


December 22, 1991

Don't blame Redskins

Having sat by with much patience and tolerance amid the constant downpour of Redskins bashing on this page for several weeks now, I can hold back no longer.

Baltimore is on an important mission right now -- acquiring an NFL expansion team -- and by all accounts and appearances, that mission seems headed toward a successful resolution, with this area likely earning one of the two expansion slots slated for a "former" NFL city.

There is not, at this time, any need to drain from that mission the energy giving it momentum by taking unneeded potshots at the nearby Redskins' unanticipated 14-1 success, and by showing signs of misplaced paranoia when the Baltimore print and non-print media, like most of the media throughout America, recognize that 14-1 success and the attendant status it delivers. Good Redskins coverage does not harm Baltimore's expansion chances.

Joe Gibbs, Art Monk, Joe Jacoby, Monte Coleman and Darrell Green did not sneak the tradition-rich Baltimore Colts franchise out of the famous outdoor insane asylum. Robert Irsay did. Do not blame the team in burgundy and gold down the parkway for the disgraceful midnight move.

To those area Redskins bashers, show some tradition-rich Colts class to the NFL expansion committee by supporting the team that quietly goes about earning playoff berths year after year in football's toughest division. To those same bashers, show some tradition-rich Colts knowledge to the committee by recognizing that NBC, and not CBS, had doubleheader rights on Dec. 8, that as a result, only one CBS game could be shown, and that Maryland graduate Stan Gelbaugh leading the Cardinals against the streaking Redskins had significantly more regional interest than watching Rich Kotite and his Eagles "battle" Ray Handley and his Giants in a matchup of coaching wizards.

Finally, to those Redskins bashers, if you feel sick to death about lacking an NFL team here, write a letter to Paul Tagliabue telling him your love of former Colts success. Do not write a letter to this paper telling us your hate of current Redskins success.

Chris Kennedy

Fells Point

Don't glorify Redskins, either

I wholeheartedly agree with those Baltimore fans who are sick and tired of having The Sun glorify the Redskins as if they were our team. Why can't The Sun give press to the Skipjacks and Blast instead of front-page coverage to not only the Redskins but also the Washington Bullets and the Washington Capitals? Maybe The Sun supports that good-for-nothing Abe Pollin, but that traitor gave up any right to expect Baltimore fan support when he moved to D.C.

What gives The Sun the right to force teams representing another city down our throats week after week? You ought to rearrange your loyalties and priorities.

John S. Patti



Supports Redskins coverage

This is in answer to all the letters from the "bum sports" complaining about coverage in The Sun and on TV of the Washington Redskins. Do they honestly believe The Sun is printed only for the city of Baltimore and that TV coverage is the same? TV coverage is dictated by the contract between the NFL and the networks. If you don't want to watch the Redskins, there are other games broadcast. I would think that you would be glad to have a good team (the Redskins) to follow.

I am a Redskins fan and have been since the days of Sammy Baugh, long before the Colts came into being. I am sorry Baltimore lost its beloved Colts, but those of us who are not Colts fans are entitled to news of other teams.

Why is it that Baltimore "sports fans" hate the Washington Redskins so passionately but expect Washington to support their Orioles?

Grace Wise


Dallas fan feels trapped

I just got done reading Vito Stellino's top 10 football teams [Dec. 15]. I couldn't believe he ranked New Orleans (9-5) ahead of Dallas (9-5), a team that beat the Saints soundly, beat the Redskins and is having its first winning season since 1985. It seems like every Sunday, I look at his predictions for the week and there are the Cowboys picked to lose. The only teams they are picked to beat are Phoenix, Cincinnati and Green Bay. Come on, Mr. Stellino, give the Cowboys more credit. I could understand if Babe Laufenberg were still in Dallas, but now it's Steve Beuerlein.

I don't know; maybe I'm just a Dallas fan trapped in Redskins territory.

Jason Arrowood

Mount Airy

Murray has been forgiven

As a longtime Eddie Murray fan, I applaud the well-deserved welcome to Baltimore that he received from the fans and press. The crowds at Festival Hall during Cal Ripken's Winterfest in combination with the favorable articles written about him showed that the people of Baltimore forgave him for a minor personality clash and appreciated what he did for the city and the Orioles.

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