Q. In baseball, how is the official scorer selected and...


December 22, 1991

Q. In baseball, how is the official scorer selected and for what period of time? Can his/her decision be overruled?

Dan Gister


A. Before each game, representatives of the home team go through the press box and select the person with the sharpest pencil and best posture to be the official scorer. No, just kidding. Actually, the two oldest sportswriters present arm-wrestle for the honor. No, just kidding again. Really, baseball rules call for the league to select official scorers. However, in practice, the individual clubs and chapters of the Baseball Writers Association of America consult and pick scorers, usually at least two, who are appointed for a season at a time, according to Sun baseball writer Peter Schmuck, whose pencils are never sharp. The scorer cannot be overruled, though he can change a ruling within 24 hours of the end of a game. However, the scorer is required to rule in accordance with baseball rules and in agreement with the judgment of the umpires.

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