Ole St. Pat Unloads Sack Of Perfect Gifts


December 22, 1991|By Pat O'Malley

Something that has become a yuletide tradition is upon us once again, sports fans. Yes, yours truly, ole St. Pat, not St. Nick, is back with his prestigious Christmas list.

It's an exclusive list of gifts or wishes for county sports figures, coaches and personalities, anda few of those who are in some way related to the county sports scene.

You're somebody important in county sports if you make St. Pat's list, and if you're not on the list, it just means we ran out of space. This year's bag of gifts is a little early, since we won't be publishing Christmas Day.

As always, the gifts are in fun, with no intent to hurt anyone's feelings -- even though some of you already havehurt mine.

You have to give each some thought, and if there are any you don't understand, just give me a call on the 24-hour Sportsline, 647-2499.

Unloading the sack from Santa's sleigh, here's what we found for:

* Tom Kraning, coach of the 4-0 Chesapeake boys basketball team -- a "Keep Quiet" sign, so no one wakes him while he's dreaming.

* Wayne Mook, coach of the 4-0 Severna Park boys basketballteam -- for someone to whisper in his ear that taking the girls softball coaching job at the school was a good move because he finally has found his calling in life.

* Jim Sheehan, St. Mary's boys basketball coach, off to a 2-5 start after a 4-20 log last season -- to consider another sport.

* Lee Dove, coach of the 0-5 Spalding boys basketball team -- nothing but prayers from the Archbishop (Spalding).

* Andy Borland, Severna Park football coach -- a copy of the best-seller by Chuck Markiewicz, the North County run-and-shoot coach, "Up, Up and Away."

* Jack Jordan, South River boys basketball assistant -- a head coaching position.

* Roy Brown, head football coach at Annapolis -- about four or five wins in the last 20 seconds next fall and no more timeouts to talk things over.

* Dennie DeWitt, Annapolis indoor track coach -- a chance to coach the Panthers' cross country team because of his many "achievements," and to have the move blessed by Roy Brown.

* Dan Hart, Annapolis lacrosse coach -- for a couple zealous dads to start a Panthers' Fathers Lacrosse Club to discuss coaching moves each week.

* Kevin Buckley, Northeast boys lacrosse coach -- the county lacrosse coaches' Sportsmanship Award.

*John Nair, Severna Park football public relations man -- a new scorebook, and the wherewithal to utilize his connections with the state to get approval for construction of a press box at Severna Park that seats or stands more than four people.

* Dave Summey, coach of the 9-2 South River Class 3A playoff football team -- word from Athletic Director Jim Haluck that he has his job back for 1992 after having toreapply for it.

* Harry Lentz, Northeast baseball coach whose 1991 Eagles were ranked No. 1 by Collegiate Baseball -- for someone to remind him how he always said it was "a joke and nothing but politics"when Bernie Walter's Arundel baseball team was nationally ranked, but has since changed his mind about the rankings. They are, of course,legitimate now.

* Bernie Walter, Arundel baseball coach and athletic director -- an unprecedented sixth state baseball championship and the recognition he justly deserves when he gets his first two victories this spring to hit 300 career wins in only 18 seasons at the Gambrills school. Walter will start the season at 298-98 with 10 county championships.

* John Stefero, ex-major league catcher (with the Orioles, Expos and Indians) who resides in Glen Burnie -- another chance to catch for the Birds now that the Orioles are signing guys who did their best work yesterday in Storm Davis and Rick Sutcliffe.

* Denny Neagle, Arundel High graduate who's now a Minnesota Twins left-hander -- a spot in the Twins' 1992 starting rotation, but to be yanked from the game when Candy Maldonaldo comes to the plate.

* CraigWilson, St, Louis Cardinals infielder from Annapolis -- a trade to the Baltimore Orioles.

* Leon Walters, Old Mill track coach -- for someone to tell him that there is more to life than running around the track with a stopwatch.

* Gary Bater, another Old Mill track coach -- an autographed photo of Pat O'Malley in a Patriots' jogging suit getting ready to pole-vault.

* Keith Smith, international track official and county science teacher -- a chance to work the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, now that he has earned a spot working the U.S. Olympic Trials in New Orleans in June.

* Larry Lorton, superintendent of county schools who has taken his share of heat -- nothing but good health in the future and for a little angel with a bag of gold to show up at his Riva Road doorstep. Don't forget the sports program, doc.

* Buddy Beardmore, Anne Arundel Community College athletic director -- wait a minute, whatever happened to Buddy? If you see him, tell him to call the Sportsline to let us know he's OK.

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