A Remarkable Reversal


December 22, 1991|By YOLANDA GARFIELD

One brilliant reversal has transformed an impractical floor plan into an easy-living space for a young family.

So discouraged with the layout of their small town house, the family was considering a new home despite the fact that they loved their neighborhood. Enter designer Eileen Brown and a great idea: Why not simply reverse the existing floor plan? "We reconfigured rather than reconstructed," she says. "The way the builder built these town homes, the dining room was right next to the open kitchen, and the corner of the living room was unusable. The children had worn the carpet down getting to the living room corner, where the toys were kept. Things are different now."

An understatement. The toy corner, farthest away from the kitchen, is now a mirrored, sensually lit dining area. The owners' dTC initial nervousness about the distance of the dining room from the kitchen has been more than offset by the privacy the arrangement affords. "We're in a town house," says Ms. Brown. "How far was the dining room going to be?"

Ceramic tile flooring unifies the kitchen and entrance hall, and replaces the worn-out carpet on the path to a lower-level playroom.

"Our neighbors can't believe the place," say the owners. "They frequently come in with video cameras."

Ms. Brown credits the owners for much of the design's success. "You have to trust your designer," she says. "That's what these

people did."

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