Schaefer's speech

It's your call

December 19, 1991

Of 547 callers who responded to the SUNDIAL question about Gov. William Donald Schaefer's TV speech on the state fiscal crisis, 408 (74 percent) said they watched the speech, and 139 (25 percent) said they did not.

Of 550 responses, 337 (61 percent) said they are pessimistic about economic recovery in 1992, and 213 (38 percent) are optimistic.

Most of the callers, or 431 out of 550 (78 percent) said there is no need for some form of increase in the state income tax, while 119 (21 percent) said such an increase is needed.

On the state sales tax, 374 of 546 callers, or 68 percent, said some form of increase is not needed, while 172 (31 percent) said it is.

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