Warm weather favorite now brings holiday cheer


December 19, 1991|By Pat Morgan | Pat Morgan,Knight-Ridder News Service

Traditionally, holiday party dressing falls in one of two camps: jewel brights for the see-my-holiday-spirit types, and basic black for those less inclined to look like a Christmas ornament.

But recent years have seen a new contender making a strong move to become a holiday classic -- white.

It's been a springtime after-hours favorite for years. It looks clean, fresh and light, traits traditionally associated with warmer weather.

But central heat and air conditioning -- not to mention global warming -- have made seasons somewhat less distinct, at least when one is inside, which is where most holiday gatherings are held, after all.

And white -- along with its pale cousins, blush pink and coral -- makes for entrance-making outfits that aren't (yet) cliches.

"Winter white and other pale colors are a very soft, feminine approach to the holidays, as opposed to the more predictable look of the little black dress," agrees Mariana Keros, spokeswoman for the Limited. "It's also very festive, because you see it, and you think about snow. Yet it's very sophisticated."

A comfortable white pantsuit suddenly looks traffic-stoppingly glamorous when you add strappy high heels, button the jacket and skip the blouse, filling the neckline with strands of pearls or gold beads.

Not quite that daring? Opt for a simple white silk tank under the jacket.

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