Not all Christmas letters are addressed to Santa

December 19, 1991

As you rush to put the final touches on the Christmas tree, to mail the packages, to bake the cookies, to clean the house, to welcome guests, to wine and dine, to sing the carols, to . . . Ever stop to wonder what it was all about?

Each day until Dec. 25 we'll pass on some thoughts or tips about the holidays. Sun intern and Loyola College Junior Kim Traverso wrote a holiday message to her parents in New Jersey -- in doing so, she discovered that for her, Christmas might just be about going home.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I know you're real busy shopping for Christmas presents but there are a few things I want to let you know before I come home for holiday break.

First of all, when I walk through the front door this weekend, please don't comment about how I dress or do my hair, or how late I stay up. While studying for exams and writing term papers these last few weeks, I haven't had time to think about eating or sleeping, let alone personal grooming. Besides, I've been on my own now for awhile, remember?

But speaking of eating, have you baked the Christmas cookies yet? Remember that cookie cutter of Santa and his toy sack that looked more like a scuba diver? If you want, I can help you bake when I get home. I always was the best sprinkle sprinkler.

So was the tree you brought home too tall for the den again? I hope you'll wait a few more days to trim it. After all, won't it be fun if we can do it together? Wasn't I always good at putting the tinsel in the hard-to-reach places?

Well, I'm off to a final exam now so I'll have to go. But one more thing: Would you mind taping that "It's A Wonderful Life" movie for me? Just in case it is on past my bedtime . . .



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