Lamb Urges Bingo Regulation

December 18, 1991

County Councilwoman Maureen Lamb wants the county to regulate non-profit bingo operations.

Lamb, D-Annapolis, has asked a county task force that just spent 10 months drafting a bill reforming the commercial bingo industry to train its sights on non-profit operations, suchas those run by churches and Elks lodges.

Lamb said she didn't expect the task force to turn up the same kind of corruption that has plagued the commercial bingo industry. She said she made her request because of comments made during hearings onthe commercial bingo bill, which is set for a public hearing and final vote Jan. 6.

"We have a need to regulate all bingo," she said. "I don't think there's anything wrong with our non-profit bingo, but I think the task force should take a look."

Lamb said she has no preconceptions about the need for a bill regulating non-profit bingo.

"It's up to the commission," she said.

The County Council has scheduled a hearing on Lamb's non-profit bingo resolution for Jan. 6.

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