County Election Board Accepts District Boundaries

December 18, 1991

The county election board voted 2-to-1 along party lines Monday to accept district boundaries contained in a Dec. 2 resolution of the County Council.

District lines must be redrawn after every census to reflect population changes. The boundaries accepted by the election board Monday are identical to those approved by the council Nov. 4 andvetoed by County Executive Charles I. Ecker Nov. 12.

Following the veto, council Democrats relied on $7,686 worth of legal advice from former U.S. Attorney Benjamin R. Civiletti to push through a resolution creating district lines identical to those in thevetoed bill. Resolutions cannot be vetoed.

Ecker said that although he thinks the resolution is illegal -- "I believe I do have approval power" -- he will not challenge it in the courts. "I am not going to use the taxpayers' money that way," he said.

Because of a quirkin the state election law, the election board will not be able to draw new maps, create new precincts and notify voters of the changes until after the November 1992 election.

The delay keeps open the possibility of a court challenge for the next 11 months. But such a challenge is unlikely, given its expense and the recessionary economy.

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