Youths arrested in theft of wine from rail cars Break-ins involved pupils from 3 schools

December 18, 1991

Sixteen students from at least three Baltimore schools were arrested yesterday for breaking into railroad cars and stealing cases of wine and wine coolers, according to police.

Officer Robert L. Jenkins of the Southern Police District said the youths -- 12 to 16 years old -- broke into the boxcars before school and hid most of the cases of wine and wine coolers.

Twenty-eight cases have been recovered so far. Railroad police are conducting an inventory to see how many cases were taken from the railroad cars.

The scale of the theft began to unfold when a couple of the youngsters arrested by railroad police for trespassing implicated the others in the break-ins, Officer Jenkins said.

Officer Jenkins said most of the students arrested are from Francis Scott Key Middle School in the 1200 block of East Fort Avenue. The boxcars were parked near the school.

Others were from Southern High School in the 1100 block of Covington Street and Herring Run Middle School in the 5000 block of Sinclair Lane, the police said.

They said all of the youngsters were charged as juveniles with burglary of a boxcar. The police said four other teen-agers are still being sought.

School officials said the youngsters also face disciplinary action once they return to school.

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