Gift containers

December 18, 1991|By Cathy Thomas | Cathy Thomas,Orange County Register

CONTAINERS ARE AN integral part of food gifts. Chosen with care and imagination, they'll be treasured long after the food is gone.

Import stores, such as IKEA White Marsh or Pier 1, are great sources for bottles and jars.

Your own cupboard may contain unanticipated treasure. Odd plates and bowls, remnants of depleted sets of dishes, make great containers. Baskets, cutting boards, boxes and trays of all sizes and shapes may well be used. Colorful napkins, dish towels and aprons can be used to drape around baked items.

Lay in a supply of odd whisks, mixing spoons and other small utensils to tie on packages.

Look for unusual 3x5-inch cards to tie on packages, on which vital information can be inscribed. Kitchen-themed stamps are available in specialty shops. Use brightly colored ink pads to produce your own unique tags and food labels.

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