December 17, 1991

The Docksiders' annual "Christmas in Annapolis" gymnastics competition attracted more than 300 gymnasts from five states to the Millersville facility.

The Docksiders swept the overall team competition bytaking first place in the three-day competition.

In the Level 9 Open Division, the Docksiders achieved 43 placements, including Gemma Robison's first-place finish in all-around in the12-14 age group. Robison took first in vault, bars and beam and placed second on floor.

Stephanie Light captured first place in all-around in the 15-and-over age group, as she nabbed first on bars and beam and third on floor. Megan Vernon was runner-up to Light in all-around with a second on beam and floor and third on bars.

Krista Golefinished second in all-around in the 8-11 age group with 34.45. Goletook first on floor and second on vault and bars. Kelly Duffy (15-and-over) took second on the bars with 8.95 and Amy Langendorf (12-14) took third on beam with 8.95.

The Level 8 girls took a combined 39placements in addition to a first-place team trophy.

Gole, who competed at Level 9 on Sunday morning, was permitted by the U.S. Gymnastics Association to compete at Level 8. She captured first in all-around, as well as in the vault, beam and floor.

Sarah Dolan took third in all-around in the 12-14 group with 33.80. She also took first on floor and second on vault and beam.

Also competing in the 12-14 bracket was Jerrilyn Boone, who took first on vault (8.70) and bars (8.70).

Amy Walton placed third in the 15-and-over all-around with 33.25. She also captured second on floor and third on vault.

Natalie Bracciale and Becky Singleton both fared well in the 8-11 group. Bracciale took first on bars (8.95), while Singleton took third on floor (8.90).

The Docksiders Level 6 compulsory girls took home 24 placements, with nine in the first through third categories. The team also garnered the first-place trophy.

Monica David took first in all-around in the 8-11 age group with 33.45. David captured third-placefinishes in bars (8.45) and floor (8.50).

Also placing in the 8-11 age bracket were Amy Kiger and Caroline Meyer. Kiger captured firston the floor with 8.95, and Meyer finished second on the floor with the same score.

Alicia White captured third in all-around and vault, while teammate Linsey Stover took third on beam (8.25).

The Docksiders Level 5 compulsory team had 15 placements, including eight infirst through third.

Christa Edsall was the highest finisher among the locals, capturing second in all-around in the 12-14 age group with 32.25. Edsall took first on beam (7.80), second on floor (7.85) and third on vault and bars.

Heather Launse took first on vault andfloor to give her a fifth-place showing in all-around among the 8-11group.

Jenny Campbell, competing in the Level 7C competition, took third on beam in the 8-11 age group.

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