Bush Invited To Aacc To Talk About Education

December 17, 1991|By Dianne Williams Hayes | Dianne Williams Hayes,Staff writer

Students at Anne Arundel Community College are asking President Bushto put his money where his mouth is.

"If he's the education president, then he should offer more money to students for scholarships," 19-year-old Andrea Buzzelli said from the Arnold campus.

Buzzelli plans to transfer to Towson State University to study elementary education, but like many students, she is worried about financing her education.

"I'd like to see him open up more scholarships for people from middle-class families," said Buzzelli, a second-year student. "I'm stuck in the position that I can get loans, but I don't have any aid. I don't mind working, but it would lessen the burdenif I was able to get a scholarship."

Buzzelli and 21-year-old Dave Rubin are among the students drafting a letter to Bush, inviting him to visit the college to discuss his education policies and to listen to a few of their ideas.

In a letter mailed this week, members of the college's student Association asked that Bush's itinerary include a visit in April, during National Community College Month.

"Please take my offer seriously!" Rubin wrote in the letter. "I am sure alarge portion of our more than 14,000 students would benefit from your visit. It would be a great honor to meet you and hear your thoughts in person about higher education."

For the the last four years, work on a college degree for Rubin has been slow going as a part-timestudent. He is planning to transfer to Towson State University to major in business administration.

His experience of attempting to take advantage of the less-expensive tuition at the community college before moving on to costly four-year institutions, shared by many of his fellow students, is a topic that he would like addressed.

"Fromwhat I can see, he's never been to a two-year school," Rubin said. "I feel that maybe he has neglected the community college and junior colleges. It's important, with the tuition at four-year universities going up. I know a lot of kids downplay community colleges, but we have good teachers here."

When asked what he would want to ask Bush if he had the chance, Rubin responded:

"I would want to ask if he thinks that education is as important as building a stealth bomber," he said. "I would want to know what he is going to do to make education better at every level, but especially at the community college level.

"Why is it so important to spend so much money on the military each year? If you don't have the brains to fly planes, what's the point in building them?"

Rubin hopes his letter will at least be taken seriously. He was successful in bringing consumer advocate Ralph Nader to the campus last year. This time, he's hoping for the president.

"I'd like to see him speak for an hour, to show his concern for the community college," Rubin said. "I want him to show Gov. (WilliamDonald) Schaefer that he should think twice before taking another $3million from our college."

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