A choice

It's your call

December 17, 1991

Sen. Bob Kerrey of Nebraska topped the SUNDIAL poll with the most favorable response and least negative response from callers who rated the six Democratic presidential candidates after their televised debate.

Asked to say who impressed them the most, 460 callers responded this way: Kerrey, 215 (46 percent); Gov. Bill Clinton of Arkansas, 113 (24 percent); former Gov. Jerry Brown of California, 42 (9 percent); Gov. Douglas Wilder of Virginia, 34 (7 percent); and former Sen. Paul Tsongas of Massachusetts and Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa, tied with 28 (6 percent).

On the question of negative reaction, or who impressed them the least, 453 callers rated the candidates this way: Harkin, 135 (29.8 percent); Brown, 122 (26.9 percent); Wilder, 68 (15 percent); Clinton, 61 (13 percent); Tsongas, 51 (11 percent); and Kerrey, 16 (3 percent).

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