The Writers

December 17, 1991

Catherine Pugh has a master's in business administration from Morgan State University. She has worked at Equitable Trust, the Mayor's Office, and the Council for Equal Business Opportunities. She operated The African-American News and World Report, a weekly newspaper. She has been a radio-TV commentator and reporter, and has written for several DTC publications. She is the former director of Strayer Business College. She now heads her own public relations and marketing firm.

Eric Addison is a free-lance writer. He is a 1978 graduate of Yale University.

Wiley Hall 3rd is a columnist for The Evening Sun.

Michael Fletcher covers politics for The Evening Sun.

Patrice Martin is a free-lance writer whose background is in public relations and audience development for theater. She is a graduate of Towson State University and the New York City School of Social Research.

Marilyn McCraven is a free lance journalist. She teaches journalism at Loyola College.

Deborah Johns Moir is a free-lance writer in Baltimore.

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