Board of Elections OK's controversial Howard council map

December 17, 1991|By Howard County Bureau of The Sun

The Howard County Board of Elections decided yesterday to implement a controversial council resolution setting up new councilmanic districts for the 1994 election, said Frank T. Lupashunski, the board's president.

The district lines will take effect Jan. 30, Mr. Lupashunski said. The board's two Democrats voted for the resolution, while its lone Republican voted against it. Local Republicans have said they may challenge the resolution in court.

The council passed the resolution, which is not subject to an executive veto, on Dec. 2 after County Executive Charles I. Ecker vetoed a bill setting up the new districts. The three council Democrats favored the new councilmanic district lines but lacked a fourth vote to overturn Mr. Ecker's veto.

Republican critics said the new lines could institutionalize a majority of Democrats from Columbia on the council for the next decade.

Howard County's charter is silent on whether the councilmanic districts should be approved by bill or resolution, Mr. Lupashunski said.

"We accepted the resolution because we are an appointed board and it is our duty not to question any official body, which in this case was the council," he said.

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