Top Scores Rolling In, Along With News


December 15, 1991|By Donald G. Vitek

First a few updates on local bowlers and then I'll tell you what's been going on at some of the local lanes.

Jimmy Crowl of Abingdon has been bowling for less than three of his 27 years but he's already landed that elusive 300 game. It happened Nov. 25, when he topped hisprevious high game of 279 with twelve strikes in a row for that 300 game. He landed that score in the Monday Men's Handicap League at Forest Hill Lanes.

Crowl, employed at Klein's Supermarket, carries a 189 average; his high set is 727 and he threw that 300 game with a Columbia U-2 bowling ball, one of nine balls he owns.

"I practice anywhere from 50 to 100 games a week," he said. "And I sure do have nine bowling bowls. But I have only one pair of bowling shoes. Some of the better bowlers carry four or five pair, so I guess that I'll be getting another pair of shoes pretty quick."

Lesson learned: You don't have to be an old-timer to throw 300 games.

As for big hits by young bowlers, here's another one: The newsletter of the Cecil-Harford Young American Bowling Alliance has a new name, the Ten Pin Press, thanks to ScottSauer, 8, a Bel Air resident.

The Bantam division bowler at Forest Hill Lanes, submitted the name for newsletter in the "Name Your Newsletter Contest." Scott, a third-grader at Prospect Mill Elementary, is in his second season of bowling.


Now an end-of-the-year roundup of what's been afoot at some of the local lanes.

Bel Air Bowl has seen a lot of high scoring since the 1991-1991 season started. Adults and youngsters are busting a lot of pins.

Three 279 games have been recorded: Phil Blake, Marty Letscher and Cliff Johnson have all been close to the 300 game. In October, Chele Rutherford came within five pins of a 700 series.

Barb Solberg and Melanie Silva share honors for the women's high house game with 268.

In the Junior division, Kris Courtney, 15, threw a 661 series.

Billy O'Patterson had a 244 game.

The Bantam bowlers are limited to two-game series but make good use of them. Consider:

Derrick Smith, 7, had a 172 series; Heather Via, 7, had a 214 series with a 115 game for the cornerstone; and Jeff Anders, 7, had a 107 game.

The Prep division, ages 9-12, is doing just fine too.

Christina LeCain had a 186 game and a 417 series; Alex Santavnere a 176 game; and Michael Taylor a 397 series.

Three of the Junior bowlers posted some excellent scores: Jennifer Becker, 13, had a 211 game; Eileen DeMan, 13, threw a 511 set; and Kim Oteyza had a 221 game as building block for a 503 series.

Then there's Bill Barlow, 18, of Bel Air. He's been bowling for 14years. Bill bowls in the Monday First Nighters and Tuesday Mixed leagues at Bel Air Bowl. Last year Bill carried a 190-plus average; thisyear that average is 207. He has thrown four 700 sets, 717, 709, 747and, in October, a 716 in the Monday First Nighters League.

At Harford Lanes, Rachael Cassady threw a 602 series; Alvin Messersmith has a 770 series; Hayes Benjamin in October came close to that 300 gamewith a 298; and Bob Marshall Sr. banged out games of 233, 248 and 279 for a 760 series.

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