Limits Set On Flagpoles

December 15, 1991

The County Council voted 7-0 Tuesday to establish height limits for flagpoles that display the U.S. flag, state flag or commercial flags.

Councilman Robert S. Wagner, R-District E, said the bill is designed to regulate the size and number of miniature corporate flags displayed at gas stations and other businesses.

"Under the present sign code, gas stations or other businesses with little flags surrounding their perimeter are violating the law," Wagner explained.

The new statute limits the height of a flagpole displaying the national or state flag in front of a business to 30 feet.

Businesses also will be allowed to display one corporate flag on a 30-foot pole, and no more than three flags on 12-foot-high flagpoles on the front side or sides of a building.

Commercial flags could be no more than 15 square feet, or 3-by-5 feet, in size.

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