Economic Office Seeks Departmental Status

December 15, 1991

County Economic Development Coordinator Dyan Brasington urged the County Council last week to elevate her office to department status.

As a department head, Brasington would report directly to County Executive Charles I. Ecker, prepare her own budget, and participate withother department heads in the county's policy-making decisions.

By informal agreement, Brasington already works with department heads and reports directly to Ecker. Funding, however, comes through the office of the county administrator.

Brasington told the councilthe change was recommended by her economic development advisory committee to ensure that her present informal arrangement would continue regardless of changes in the director and the executive.

The committee also wanted the office to have more control over its budget, shesaid, and felt the move to department status would give the office more "clout."

In addition to departmental status, the office would be expanded to pick up several other offices. The office of employment and training would be transferred to Brasington's purview, along with the county's agricultural preservation program.

The proposals are included in a bill the council discussed last week that would shift the child-care coordinator's office to the Department of Citizen Services and the transportation coordinator's office to the Department of Planning and Zoning.

The council will have a public hearing on the bill tomorrow night and vote on it Jan. 7.

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