Earlier Classes Could Help Save Money By Cutting Back Buses

December 15, 1991|By Donna Boller | Donna Boller,Staff writer

Students in all eight high schools and some middle schools may have to get to school 10 to 15 minutes earlier next year to help the county school system hold down busing costs.

School officials also predict that 16 elementary schools might have to open earlier or later in1992-1993 under a proposal to save money by having fewer buses make more trips.

County schools could save approximately $250,000 in 1992-1993 andcut 10 buses from the 190 under contract by stretching out high school and elementary school opening times, Director of Operations RobertS. Lazarewicz told the school board at its meeting Thursday. The extra time would allow buses to make three or four runs each morning andafternoon, one more than most are making this year.

The future looked bleary-eyed to student associate Jamie Kendrick, a junior at Howard High School.

"Some students would have to get up at 5:30, but they'd still go to bed at 11 or 11:30," he said. He proposed making the school day 10 to 15 minutes later rather than earlier.

The proposal is an option for board members facing the prospect that 1992-1993 will be as tight as the current budget year, where county schools are operating with more students and less money than last year.

In other action Thursday, the school board:

* Told the staff to go ahead with negotiations to buy 83 acres on Route 144 east of Triadelphia Road for the northern elementary school planned to open in September 1994. The land, owned by Samuel Cimino Jr., passed surveys, soil test borings and other engineering studies, reported Associate Superintendent Sydney L. Cousin.

* Approved the names Elkridge Elementary School for the new building that will replace the existing Elkridge school and Forest Ridge Elementary School for the southeastern elementary school that will open next fall.

* Was notified by Superintendent Michael Hickey that the Forest Ridge Elementary principal will beMarianne S. Pfeiffer, current principal of Longfellow Elementary School.

She will be replaced at Longfellow by Allan Olchowski, assistant principal at Laurel Woods Elementary School. Hickey said he will announce a principal for the new Burleigh Manor Middle School which opens next fall at the January board meeting.

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